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KONTά, (a Greek word that means near or close) , aims to bring together people from diverse backgrounds.

KONTά seeks to construct in-between space/s in which people will have the opportunity to get together regularly, and explore new ways of experimentation. It invites people from diverse knowledge spheres and personal paths, and provides space to exchange, research, be confronted with, and reflect. 

It is an initiative of Eleni Mylona that raised from her need to respond to the events that happen in the world today, by finding alternative ways to live and work.

And from her interest to create work within the performing arts, based on questioning and personal processes.
By posing questions that can open “cracks” into imagining a world that is not there yet. 

People meet around a table and share knowledge, experience and personal stories, on agreed notions/ questions.

They look on them from different angles: psychoanalytically, culturally, personally, in an imaginative way.

They then use this experience to propose a body based experiment in space and guide group members in diverse improvisations.
Doers and observers alternate.

During and after each gathering they take time to think, reflect, and to write. Some of these thoughts are shared in the blog.

KONTά acts in two major fields: Research, and Artistic (creation-performance making). They both stand autonomously, but they also interact with each other.

KONTά aims to connect artists to people from other fields.

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