December-January '21An online live (writing) reading session of: 'Three orange trees. In the future.' For only one reader each time, in Greek or English, for as long as there is interest. Due to covid, 'Three orange trees. In the future.' can't be presented in the studio anymore, as all the spaces that were hosting it, have postponed its presentation.
For this reason, a new way of presenting it has developed, and this is an online live (writing) reading session for only one reader each time.
If interested, please send an email to: mylonaeleni(at) in order to get more info and schedule a time for your session. 

3rd-4th of October- presentation of Artistic Research with the performances: 
'KONTά or How we get together- a rehearsal' and 'Three Orange Trees. In the Future.', workshop-studio practice sharing at the Duncan Dance Research Centre in Athens, Greece. - POSTPONED

INVITATION to a storytelling performance by the lake for one to five audience members, 20th, 21st, 27th  &28th of June. // We will meet in front of the Opera House Zurich and walk together to the performance spot.
For more info:


9th International Digital Storytelling Conference, Loughborough University//
Performance: 'Three Orange Trees. In the future.' March 30th-April 1st- POSTPONED


Volumes '19: Art Publishing Days 29/11-1/12 Kunsthalle Zurich// 

         Performance: 'Three Orange Trees. In the future', Friday the 29th @ 20:00
         Hosting the publication : 'Do you believe in God, my Dear Institution?
        Auto fiction letters: a public space for an engagement with imagination'
        by Eleni Mylona.