'Three orange trees. In the future.' An online, one-to-one, live audio performance. In Greek or English.
Dates: TBC.

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3rd-4th of October- presentation of Artistic Research with the performances: 
'KONTά or How we get together- a rehearsal' and 'Three Orange Trees. In the Future.', workshop-studio practice sharing at the Duncan Dance Research Centre in Athens, Greece. - POSTPONED

INVITATION to a storytelling performance by the lake for one to five audience members, 20th, 21st, 27th  &28th of June. // We will meet in front of the Opera House Zurich and walk together to the performance spot.
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9th International Digital Storytelling Conference, Loughborough University//
Performance: 'Three Orange Trees. In the future.' March 30th-April 1st- POSTPONED