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Zentralwäscherei Zurich, Performance: 'What if this dance is about emancipation?' by KATINES zurich 15-19 July '24


Zentralwäscherei – 8.-10. März 2024,  Aufführungsfenster, Performance 'CARA AMICA DI PENNA' a performance in the form of a letter or a Collective Reading.

L200 -Friday 8.12 at 19.00- Meeting of  the Autonomous Group of women Thessaloniki/Feminist Magazine Katina and of the  Community Dance Group KATINES Zurich. Online and at Langstrasse200. Documentary, Discussion, Dance.

Sihlquai 253 Zurich, Saturday 25.11 @ 20.00 Performance Soirre - SPEKULATIVE Praktiken von KATINES Community dance group Zurich.

Tanzmehr Bühne Festival -  Practice group 'KATINES' improvisatio
n with live music on movement tasks, 25th-28th October 2023, Kulturmarkt Zürich

Ticino in Danza Festival- Residency & creation of  human-specific in situ work, Performance: 'CARA AMICA DI PENNA', a participatory performance in the form of a letter, 3-9 July, Ticino, Switzerland

Common Action- Free to be Free Manifesto of the artist Olivia Wiederkehr- Contribution to the publication after invitation together with another 30 artists. 

L200 Zurich, event on collaboration, topic: Time, Kollektiv Kollektiv curatorial collective, 21st April, at  19.00















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