I am a choreographer/maker, performer, movement practitioner and researcher, coming from Athens, Greece, and based in Zurich, the last ten years. Within my practice as and through research, I explore the possibilities of language and body within time and space, and the relation of language to imagination. During the last years, I have been exploring ways to read, think, exchange, and imagine together, with the intention to create intimate, caring spaces of co-existence.

Dear reader,

what you just read was a short bio of mine, which reveals all the important aspects of my work. If you continue, you will be able to read a rather extended and more 'formal' version of it.

My work has been invited by festivals, art fairs, and biennales and it has been shown in theatres, galleries, and experimental spaces, in Athens, Thessaloniki, Zurich, Basel, Berlin, and London.

In Zurich, I have collaborated with several institutions and companies (Tanzhaus Zürich, Rote Fabrik Theater, Holzke, Maxim Theater, Trop cher to share, Terrasse Ensemble, and others) as a choreographer, performer, movement practitioner and initiator of reading and writing groups.

I hold an MA in Theatre Practices, a practiced-based artistic research masters, from ArtEZ University of the Arts, in Holland.(Research Entitled : 'Language Choreography:Re-imagining Autobiographical Narratives, to Creating Fictions of Mental Motion').

Writing, describing, speaking out loud, and performing autobiographical narratives in order to create alternative fictional scenarios, was at the core of this research. The action of intervening and transforming the dominant narrative of a story, is my proposition on how to converse with the social and the political. The socio-political proposition that emerges from my work is to create a social and public space, where engagement with imagination can happen. In that space, events are placed out of their spatial and temporal contexts; they move away from the personal and towards the relational and the public (in the world). Narratives are understood as open-ended.

During this two-year process, I presented my work by making and performing the following performative events: 'KONTA or how we get together- a rehearsal', 'I see the woman in the blue pullover and the ponytail making brilliant arguments', and 'Three orange trees. In the future', and the publication: 'Do you believe in God, my dear Institution?; Auto fiction letters: a public space for an engagement with imagination', which is now part of the collection of WALTER books in Arnhem and has also been presented in Volumes Publishing Days 2019, in Zurich .

I studied dance at the National School of Dance in Greece (K.S.O.T) and hold a dance teacher diploma from the 'Morianova-Trasta Professional School of Higher Education' in Athens. I have collaborated as a performer and/or taken part in research projects after invitation with the following artists: Michael Klein, Vera Mantero, Juan Dominguez, Danae Theodoridou, Anna Sanchez, Jean-Paul Jaccarini, Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola and others.