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Dance/movement for adults-
Tanz/Bewegung für Erwachsene (Group and private sessions)

We work to find a balancing sense of our bodies through breath, movement,
and stretching by using all the tools needed to come to this balancing/liberating
body state (voice, touch, breath, rhythm).

Through several exercises, and by combining several techniques,
we aim to get more conscious/present/aware in the moment, by releasing tension,
and bringing focus on our"own", “unique” movement.We experiment while questioning
our relationship to the space and the others, by always keeping a point of contact
both with the "inside" and the "outside".

Providing different stimuli to each person and group, the practitioner 
encourages people to find through this work their own palette of senses, and movements,
in order to get to a stress-less state of body sensing.
We will use movement improvisations to help us ease muscular tension and use gravity,
breath and body centre, to produce a flowing, liberating body movement.

Where: Freiestrasse 175, 8032, Zurich/ Private Sessions can also take 
place at the house of the participant if s/he prefers it.

When: Fridays 13.00-14.00. Classes start on the 24th and 25th of October

(Min. number of participants: 4)

Registration: Ongoing/ if you are interested please contact me at any time

Cost: 12 classes 300CHF (outside School holidays),
Private session 90CHF/hour and times will be discussed with the interested person.
First class for free.

Photo: Alina Lefa 


Creative Ballet Class for children  ( different age groups from 4-11 years of age)

This class uses the Vaganova ballet technique and training system for each age group, to teach children the basics of the ballet world in a creative way. Through the structure of a ballet class, children use their imagination, to create their own dance vocabulary. 
In the class, children are also introduced to books and ballet performances danced by acclaimed artists, from around the world. This way, they feel connected to the history of ballet, and to how each ballet movement is developed, which helps them relate to the way movement is created in and through their own bodies.


WHERE: Freiestrasse 175, 8032 Zürich
COST: 12 Classes, 240 CHF (outside School holidays)

Registration: Ongoing/If you are interested contact me at any time
HEN: Fridays 16.10-17.00. Free trial always the first class. Classes start :  24th and 25th of October (Min. number of participants: 4)










Movement Class for children 0-6 y.o. , and one parent/carer who wants to find new ways to spend time with his/her children (09:30-10:15)


Mothers and children, dance , storytell, bond through movement,while sensing, dancing, playing with colors, and moving to music from all over the world.
For mothers, this is a way to reconnect to their bodies and bond with their children, express through movement, and play  games that speak to their " inner" child. Children, learn, sense , experience, dance, and have fun next to the comforting mother touch. 

In this class we don't expect children to "DO" , rather, we focus on PARENTS doing and enjoying, and this way we are  giving children different stimuli to intrigue their senses. The beauty of the class is that we have children from 13 months to 5 years of age, so the younger ones learn from the older and the older ones get confident about themselves. 
The reason children and parents enjoy this class so much, is because in this class BOTH parents AND children interact, move, improvise and dance together! 



Dance Improvisation and Choreography (from 8-14 years of age)


This dance class is for children interested in movement, and exploration.

Through choreographic games and dance improvisations, children become more aware of their own personal movement and create together diverse dance compositions.

Through observation of each child as an individual with her/his own movement abilities and sensitivities, children are encouraged to develop a dance vocabulary.
By using their imagination, temperament, and their bodies, they create a choreography together.

Language: English and German


WHERE: Freiestrasse 175, 8032 Zürich

COST: 12 Classes, 240 CHF (outside School holidays)

Registration: Ongoing/If you are interested contact me at any time
WHEN:  Fridays 15.10-16.00. 
Free trial always the first class. 

Classes start : 24th and 25th of October  (Min. number of participants: 4)


Dieser Tanzkurs richtet sich an Kinder, die sich für Bewegung, und Erkundung interessieren. Durch Spielerische Choreografie und Tanzimprovisationen, werden sich Kinder ihrer eigenen persönlichen Bewegung besser verstehen, und zusammen kreieren verschiedene Tanzkompositionen. Durch die Beobachtung jedes Kindes als Einzelperson mit seinen eigenen Bewegungsfähigkeiten und Empfindlichkeiten werden Kinder ermutigt, ein Tanzvokabular zu entwickeln. Sie nutzen ihre Fantasie, ihr Temperament und ihre Körper, in eine gemeinsam Choreografie zu erstellen.




During school holidays there are NO CLASSES​

For registration and for a free trial please contact me at :

or call me at 076 787 2400.